Thank you for choosing Virtualization Essentials. This book is part of a family of rise of the Internet, and now virtualization, which is the foun- dation for cloud. Essentials At the heart of virtualization is the “virtual machine” (VM), a tightly isolated VMware. Learn virtualization skills by building your own virtual machineVirtualization Essentials, Second Edition provides new and aspiring IT professionals with.

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Virtualization Essentials Table of Contents Introduction What is Virtualization? How Does Virtualization Work? 4 Chapter 1 Delivering Real Business Benefits . [DOWNLOAD] PDF Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition by Matthew Portnoy [DOWNLOAD] PDF Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition Epub. This books (Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition [PDF]) Made by Matthew Portnoy About Books none To Download Please Click.

An effective platform, such as VMware vsphere with Operations Management will employ bare-metal virtualization, in which the hypervisor interfaces directly with computer hardware without the need for a host operating system.

Improved logging and auditing Log all host activity under the logged-in user s account, making it easy to monitor and audit activity on the host.

AD integration Configure the platform host to join an Active Directory domain; individuals requesting host access are automatically authenticated against the centralized user directory. Data Center Consolidation To optimize security and manageability, an effective solution will combine bare-metal virtualization with other advanced capabilities, such as: Small hypervisor footprint Simplifies deployment, maintenance and patching, and reduces vulnerability by presenting a much smaller attack surface.

Software acceptance levels Prevents unauthorized software installation.


Robust APIs Enable agentless monitoring, eliminating the need to install third-party software. Host firewall Protects the host management interface with a configurable, stateless firewall. By reducing the number of physical servers, organizations can make management more efficient and free employees to focus on more strategic initiatives. Organizations can significantly reduce their expenses and make the most of resources through effective pooling, increased automation of operational processes, and the appropriate use of available public cloud services.

Our customers have found that improved server utilization and application management can reduce the personnel time required for IT management. When it s time to refresh physical hardware, we ve seen customers amplify the return on investment by expanding virtualization.

In fact, more than half of resource-constrained businesses cite server virtualization as a hardware-infrastructure priority because of manageability, lower costs and efficiency. Smaller businesses with fewer IT resources and assets might eliminate the need for dozens of servers. In a competitive environment, it s more important than ever to anticipate and meet changing business needs.

Virtualization creates a dynamic infrastructure that helps businesses react more quickly to changing market demands, evolving business conditions, or new customer requirements.

Once an organization has begun its migration to a virtual environment, it can leverage advanced virtualization capabilities to build an IT infrastructure that is highly responsive to business and customer demands. For example, virtualization capabilities, like distributed resource scheduling dynamically aligns compute resources with business priorities through automatic load balancing across hosts.

Virtualization helps ensure that your applications remain available and performing at their best, no matter what demands are placed on them. Virtualization is also the foundation for the next generation of IT.

Companies that embrace it can look forward to easier deployment and management of even more advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, for greater business value in the future. Resource-constrained businesses like yours can t afford to close their doors, even temporarily, because a systems outage has occurred or key data has been lost or stolen.

In fact, 49 percent of businesses that suffer a disaster never reopen their doors. After moving to virtualization, 66 percent of respondents reported improved business continuity in the form of high availability, reduced downtime, and other benefits.

Should one of your nodes or servers ever fail, all its VMs can be automatically restarted on another machine, with no downtime or data loss. Along with reduced downtimes and increased security, virtualization provides the foundation for disaster recovery planning and preparedness in case of an unexpected event such as a flood, fire, or other disaster.

In a virtual environment, the entire system including the operating system, the applications, and data are encapsulated as a set of VM files. By replicating those files to the failover site, the entire system can be recovered in a fast, single-step process. Instead of losing 40 hours or more of downtime, a typical recovery can take an hour or less.

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Virtual environments can easily scale to take on new applications and tasks as business needs change. Today s organizations are embracing virtualization for server consolidation of IT-owned applications.

But to make your move to virtualization a successful one, you need to invest in a platform that supports a rich set of key features. Support for Business Critical Applications Business-critical applications are the lifeblood of any business.

Each chapter focuses on a specific goal, and concludes with review questions that test your understanding as well as suggested exercises that help you reinforce what you've learned. As more and more companies are leveraging virtualization, it's imperative that IT professionals have the skills and knowledge to interface with virtualization-centric infrastructures.

This book takes a learning-by-doing approach to give you hands-on training and a core understanding of virtualization. Understand how virtualization works Create a virtual machine by scratch and migration Configure and manage basic components and supporting devices Develop the necessary skill set to work in today's virtual world Virtualization was initially used to build test labs, but its use has expanded to become best practice for a tremendous variety of IT solutions including high availability, business continuity, dynamic IT, and more.

Cloud computing and DevOps rely on virtualization technologies, and the exponential spread of these and similar applications make virtualization proficiency a major value-add for any IT professional.

Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition provides accessible, user-friendly, informative virtualization training for the forward-looking pro.

He has presented at VMworld, the leading virtualization conference, as well as at many other industry events and tradeshows including VMware User Group events.

Virtualization Essentials, 2nd Edition

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Four Compelling Reasons to Expand Virtualization of Your IT Environment Businesses with resource constraints are finding many reasons besides cutting costs for expanding virtualization.

It creates a foundation for more efficient IT management. Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition provides accessible, user-friendly, informative virtualization training for the forward-looking pro.

But to make your move to virtualization a successful one, you need to invest in a platform that supports a rich set of key features.

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