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The Little Book of Talent audiobook, by Daniel Coyle Daniel Coyle spent the last few years traveling around the world and meeting with top coaches, teachers . Written by Daniel Coyle, Audiobook narrated by Grover Gardner. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book. The Little Book of Talent. Audio Excerpt. Audiobook. Nonfiction: Self-Help / Personal Development / Success. Unabridged hour(s).

Avoid someone who reminds you a courteous writer o one who focuses his efforts on keeping you comfortable and happy, on making things go smoothly with a minimum of effort 2.

Seek someone who scares you a little o Watches you closely: he is interested in figuring you out what you want, where youre coming from, what motivates you o Is action oriented: not much time talking o Is honest, sometimes unnervingly so: he will tell you the truth about you performance in clear language 3. Seek someone who gives short, clear direction o teaching is not an eloquence contest; it is about creating a connection and delivering useful information o John Woodens average utterance lasted only four seconds 4.

Seek someone who loves teaching fundamentals o the fundamentals are the core of your skills: the more advanced you are, the more crucial they become 5.

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Other things being equal, pick the older person o teaching is like any other talent: it takes time to grow Part 2: Improving your Skills - Find your Sweet Spot, Then Reach People in talent hotbeds have a different relationship with practicing. In talent hotbeds, practice was the big game, the center for their world, the main focus of their daily lives.

The key to deep practice is to reach.

This means to stretch yourself slightly beyond your current ability, spending time in the zone of difficulty called the Sweet Spot.

Tip Find the sweet spot - there is a place, right on the edge of your ability, where you learn best and fastest.

The Little Book of Talent

Its called the Sweet Spot. Heres how to find it: o Comfort Zone Sensations: ease, effortlessness. Play on the edge of your performance Tip Take off your watch - Deep practice is not measured in minutes or hours, but in the number of high-quality reaches and repetitions you make how many new connections you form in your brain Ignore the clock and get to the sweet spot, even if its only for a few minutes, and measure your progress by what counts: reaches and reps Tip Break every move down into chunks - Every skill is built out of smaller pieces what scientists call chunks To begin chunking, first engrave the blueprint of the skills on your mind Practice one chunk by itself until youve mastered it then connect more chunks, one by one, exactly as you would combine letters to form a word See the whole thing.

Break it down to its simplest elements. Put it back together.

Tip Each day, try to build one perfect chunk - As John Wooden said Never mistake mere activity for accomplishment. Set a daily SAP: smallest achievable perfection The point is to take the time to aim at a small, defined target and then put all your effort toward hitting it Wooden Dont look for the big, quick improvement.

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Seek the small improvement one day at a time. Thats the only way it happens and when it happens, it lasts Tip Embrace Struggle Deep practice has a telltale flavor, a feeling that can be summed up in one word: struggle Tip Choose five minutes a day over an hour a week - With deep practice, small daily practice snacks are more effective than once-a-week practice binges Practice on the days that you eat.

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The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills

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Most Helpful Most Recent. Reviews Jonathan Barker This book gives practical steps you can take to improve skills. Masterful, concise, and targeted advice This is the book I have been looking for about how to learn faster and more effectively. Invent daily tests — Find ways to turn practice into quick, fun games with measurable outcomes that isolate accuracy and reliability.

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