In this section you can learn and practice Non Verbal Reasoning Questions based Reasoning Analytical Reasoning quiz questions with answers as PDF files. questions, you'll be gaining a solid understanding of basic analytical and logical reasoning skills—all Answering the logic and reasoning questions in this. from arguments, the Analytical Reasoning does play a vital role in the test- . LSAT, no matter how odd the answer you come up with may be in real life, it will be.

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Questions. (With questions and answers). JobTestPrep invites you to a free practice session that Non-verbal - Twelve Inductive/Logical Reasoning questions. For solving the analytical reasoning questions there is no need of high level knowledge of formal logic or mathematics rules, only basic general logic of daily life. ANALYTICAL REASONING QUESTIONS - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd As we all know that NTS common wealth scholarship test will.

In the five years immediately preceding the price surge, there was a substantial decline in the number of accounting school students requiring text books, while electronic book subscriptions remained fairly stable. Many electronic publishers have recently begun cutting back on subscriptions of accounting school text books.

Logical reasoning advanced objective questions with answers - Practice online tests free

In almost every publishing company, there has been an increase in the number of accounting school texts available in the past few years. A pesticide producing company states that their unused pesticide that gets dumped does not pose a threat to the aquatic life in the surrounding area. If this is correct, then why have local fish been dying in this region?

Due to the fact that the pesticide company is not located in a highly fish-populated area, they implicitly admit that the pesticides they produce are relatively dangerous to the nearby aquatic life.

Of the following statements listed below, which one would be most likely to weaken the argument of the author if it were true? The possibility of pesticides filtering into the local water region was underestimated in the past.

Funds for environmental company cleanup, which concern waste dumps that are poorly run, are reserved for rural regions only.

It would be pointless to locate chemical dumps where they would be most harmful, unless they can be proven percent safe. Dumps that are located in areas without large fish populations have fewer government interventions and are also less expensive. City people are most probable to sue the company if the dumps cause them health problems. China wants to avoid financial collapse of their economy. In order to do this, China must raise their gross national product rate by 33 percent.

Of the following statements listed below, which one must be true if is it to be believed that the above statements are also true?

The economy of China will not fall if it can obtain an increased GNP of 50 percent. A 17 percent GNP increase will be unattainable if China continues to suffer national conflict. A 71 percent increase is possible if the 33 percent brink is achieved, and the 50 percent GNP increase is attainable. Estelle states: When I went fishing the other day, every fish that I caught was a salmon, and every salmon I saw I caught. Of the following statements listed below, which one can be concluded from the observations of Estelle?

Salmon was the only fish that Estelle saw while she was fishing. While Estelle was fishing, she caught no fish other than salmon. In the area that Estelle fished, there were no other fish. All of the fish that Estelle saw she caught. Estelle did not see any other fish while she was fishing. Either protesters must have restrictions placed on them, or particular revolutionary issues that arise in society will be used to destroy the country.

Because allowing the occurrence of the revolutionary outcome is out of the question, we must restrict protesters. The above conclusion is unsteady due to the fact that… Protesters do not really want to demolish the country.

There is too much emphasis placed on the importance of protesting. An accommodation is failed to be considered between both alternatives.

The reasons for protesting have not been defined. The quarterly food inspection performed by the local health team observes the customer reactions to fast food restaurants and family dining restaurants. However, during each inspection they discover that there are more reports of food poisoning found in the family dining restaurants than in the fast food restaurants.

Of the following statements, which one best clarifies the apparent paradox? Customers complain less about the food poisoning they experience in fast food restaurants because they expect it.

More people choose fast food restaurants over family dining restaurants. Food poisoning cases are not related to the time customers ate at the family dining restaurants, or to the number of people who all ate the same meal. The family dining restaurants microwaves certain food items instead of cooking them on the stove. We are well aware that there are warning signs concerning massive climate changes, and that these climate changes are reducing plant life.

Many hopeful crop growers believe that there will not be an overall negative effect on the plant growth population due to the fact that rainfall should not be altered because of the climate changes.

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However, for the average plant, it is because of the climate change that agricultural technology has an overall yield in annual fluctuation. On which of the following assumptions are these claims based?

There is not an accurate way to predict a climate change. If patterns of rainfall began to shadow the climate changes, there would be supplementary damaging effects.

Improved yields grow highly unlikely if technology is significantly influential in spite of climate change. Rainfall patterns are not as predictable as patterns of temperature.

Analytical Reasoning Questions

Plant life is threatened more from cool temperatures than warm ones. Different life forms such as animals and plants are known to have certain breeds that have extended life spans compared to that of humans. Due to this fact, scientists pass away before they are able to study the complete life cycle of these certain breeds. This being the case, a single breed may be inferred by observation over various life stages.

Geology or astronomy can be applied to using the same method. Scientists can also use this method to learn about desert evolution and rock formations.

Concerning this passage, what assumption can be made evident? The average subject uses the same ideals of observation.


Many of the participants might not aware but should know that the Most important sections in various Competitive or Campus or the Entrance Test are the Reasoning Part. Now, you can surely enhance your skills in the Logical Reasoning by practicing the Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers with Solutions.

Now, all you have to do is practice and Practice. Then only you can score good marks and pass in the Reasoning Section. So, all you need to do is please check the complete Verbal Reasoning questions and Answers with Solutions provided on this page.

And then practice them.

Analytical and Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

There is no need for you to look again separately for Answers with Solutions and Explanations. Soon after attempting the Logical Reasoning Question, you can see the correct Answer there itself. And if you are having any doubt you can check the Solution along with the Explanation too. Therefore, this will make you understand the Concept. To get qualified for such Exams, aspirants should definitely score good marks in all individual sections.

Therefore, getting a good hold on the Verbal Reasoning is important. And this is for free of Cost. Therefore, all the people can easily, check them and make use of them. So, to make this as such destination, our team has gathered different Questions related to the Non Verbal Reasoning. Along with that our team has also worked on providing correct answers and Solutions along with the Explanation too.

Therefore, please check the Questions provided here. And make use of them. We provided the topics of the Non Verbal Reasoning. So, click on each and then proceed to check the questions on them.

Well, now, here is a good chance for you. Explore the Source given in this section related to the Reasoning Data Interpretation. And practice it.

Eventually, you can ace it easily. And one thing all the candidates should keep in mind while preparing the Reasoning Data Interpretation, that they need to have some foundation on the Basics. Having knowledge of Basics of Data Interpretation is very important. So, keep that in mind. So, it is very important to the learn all the important concepts and Tricks if you want to solve the Reasoning Questions on Data Interpretation. Therefore, by practicing the Reasoning Questions provided you can surely get hold of the basic information.

Bars, tables, line graphs, pie graphs are the topics, that you need to work on to get a good score in the Data Interpretation Section. And some data is stated in those Statements.

Now, all the participants have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are enough or not to answer the Reasoning Question. Now, you can select this if both Statements are sufficient to answer the Questions but neither alone is not sufficient.

AMCAT Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers with PDF

This case is for individual Statement is alone to answer the Reason Question.And one thing all the candidates should keep in mind while preparing the Reasoning Data Interpretation, that they need to have some foundation on the Basics.

The use of a needle always causes pain in the patient. If Local AA Alcoholics Anonymous rehabilitation facilities are forced upon us-and society is determined that they should be forced-then it should be society that pays for them. Sohail Afridi. The suggestion that procedures which are specialized are frequently done when a simple, less-expensive procedure would work equally as well.

Jump to Page. So, it is very important to the learn all the important concepts and Tricks if you want to solve the Reasoning Questions on Data Interpretation. The average subject uses the same ideals of observation. In order to run a company, a person needs common sense. There is not an accurate way to predict a climate change.

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