Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT offers a different approach. Each word is illustrated through relevant examples from popular movies, television, literature. words all appear in your textbooks and on the SAT. Our next to test your vocabulary on SAT questions. .. studying Direct Hits, you might also check out. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Direct Hits Advanced Vocabulary prepares students for high-level words found on the ACT, SAT, Advanced Placement.

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Direct Hits CORE Sample Pages CHaPter 4 EVERY SAT WORD HAS A HISTORY Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT offers a different approach. Like its companion book Volume 1, Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary of the SAT While Volume 1 covers the core SAT vocabulary, this book tackles of the. Feb 26, File: Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary of the SAT- Volume Dylan Key Cistercian Preparatory School, Tx Irving, TX. Views.

They focus on more difficult and obscure words.

An entire section is dedicated to words that have multiple meanings, zeroing in on the less known meanings of these words. The set is very well organized.

The beginning of each book has the words grouped together with a theme such as "Mighty Prefix Words". These sections include the words' definitions and several detailed examples from popular books and movies.

The next segment of the books is a section with quick definitions. This is followed by two more subdivisions: an area to test your knowledge and an answer guide that provides the reasoning behind the correct answers.

The list is manageable. If you know that many words you need to work for Merriam-Webster.

Time would be better spent reading. It is so well organized.

The 5th edition shows welcome changes from the earlier editions. The explanations require less reading, sentences rather than passages.

Direct Hits does a fantastic job in bring up previous words in new lessons; this serves as functional review.

The focus is placed on more difficul My intention was to gift this to my son who will be taking his SAT. The focus is placed on more difficult and obscure vocabulary words. One particular section that interested me was words that have multiple meanings.

Reviewing the less familiar meanings of the words. The two set of books is very well organized and has a simple to understand layout. I am a life long learner and I highly recommend to anyone preparing themselves for the SATs, other "wordies" or those just wanting to improve their vocabularies.

Knowledge is power!I would recommend these books to anyone studying for the SATs, people wanting to improve their English, or that just wants to expand their vocabulary.

If you want to get a great score, and have a fun time learning some really cool words, then Direct Hits is your best choice.

In the Critical Reading section, sentence completion questions directly test your vocabulary.

Thank you Direct Hits Publishing, getting a second free book was unexpected and appreciated. Time would be better spent reading.

The list is manageable.

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