MIMS online, search the database of prescription and generic drugs, clinical guidelines and patient Guide to switching to a combined hormonal contraceptive. Now, GPs and nurses, and soon also practice pharmacists, can access the whole MIMS website, including the drug database, quick-reference tables, guideline. Don't Rush to Crush V3 Now available in eMIMSCloud and MIMS Online – time to Australia's most trusted and comprehensive drug reference system, used by .

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Search drug, interactions and image information in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, S'pore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India & USA. Powered by Australia's most trusted medicine information provider, MIMS, you now have the ability to find comprehensive, up to date medicines information at. To receive a free copy of Mims Click Here. MIMS , Mansarovar, 90 Nehru Place, New Delhi - Tel.: +91 11 Email: [email protected] com.

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They integrate this evidence with expert review to produce the best advice currently available. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are the next best evidence.

Reviews that are not systematic, older texts, and clinical trial reports even randomised controlled trials are lower quality evidence and require critical appraisal. Is it current?

MIMS - in print, online and mobile

Check the date of publication or review date for guidelines, websites and texts. Older information and texts should be used with caution.

Medicine changes rapidly and many previously accepted practices have later been shown to be incorrect. Is it relevant to your patient?

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The type of information you require dictates where you should look first. Consider individual patient needs.

Post-paid adverse reaction report forms are available on request from the Pharmacovigilance Section of the HPRA contact details above. Prescription Products Prescription Products The main part of the book includes up-to-date prescribing information of medicinal products available on the Irish market. The information is based upon details included in the Summary of Product Characteristics SPC or supplied by the manufacturers.

The reimbursement price is given for nutritional products. None of these prices include pharmacist dispensing fees.

Prices are quoted to enable the prescriber to compare the cost of proprietary preparations and do not have any relation to the retail cost of the drug, nor of its cost if obtained on a private prescription. Excipients Excipients Many products contain additional ingredients to those active constituents included in this index e.

These may cause unwanted effects in some patients.

Manufacturers should be consulted where the full formulation of a drug is required. This list can be used to assess possible interactions between medicinal products interacting with P CYP3A4 — e.

Depending on the type of interaction, and whether the active substance is the actual drug or its metabolite, the effect of the medicinal product will be enhanced or reduced. Interchangeable Medicines and Reference Pricing Interchangeable Medicines and Reference Pricing This section contains a table of all active ingredients on the interchangeable medicines list, their strength, pharmaceutical form, and route of administration.

It also includes reference prices for selected groups of medicines, where they have been introduced. Medicines which can be substituted by another medicine on this list are denoted by the interchangeable medicines symbol in their product monographs throughout the MIMS Ireland publication. For more information on interchangeable medicines and their reference prices, please see the relevant section of this website.

Prescribing Notes Prescribing Notes Prescribing Notes in green are included throughout the book and include information on various conditions and treatment options available. Drug Prescribing Notes include prescribing information on one particular class of drugs or a particular active ingredient. Anti-doping information in yellow includes information related to the use of drugs in sport.Remaining pink boxes include more general information e.

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The website has an integrated magazine, also named MIMS Learning , showcasing content from the website. Servicing the Australian market for just on 50 years.

Namespaces Article Talk. Australia's most trusted and comprehensive drug reference system, used by more than 21, healthcare professionals, MIMS offers a wide range of digital products to cover desktop, mobile and integrated data.

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