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Now their income has increased by 40 per cent, they live healthier lives and watch their children grow up.

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Their sketches rarely get less than a million hits. His first original drama Permanent Roommates is the second most-watched web series in the world. Yet three years ago, MTV had shot down his pitch. So Kumar took to YouTube. The effect: everyone from Delhi socialites to undergraduates in Jharkhand are swiping away on Jabong. Yet his personal achievements are sigificant too, none more impressive than the spectacular new stadium he helped build in Dharamsala, set against the backdrop of snow-clad peaks — arguably one of the most scenic cricket grounds in the world.

The Nair brothers are instead more concerned about putting out a magical experience. Just like the first instalment half a decade ago. What Vijay conceptualized back then was an indigenous music festival modelled on international standards — the Indian Glastonbury.

And the first edition was special: a 3,strong crowd yearning to be part of a new movement. Yet, until Ajay came on board, a second edition seemed a distant possibility. The finance whiz gave the company a commercial framework, and the festival gained muscle every year with a new city Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata added to the schedule.

Nothing more, nothing less. No Indian has reported from as many Western red carpets or interviewed as many global film celebrities. In the age of digital disruption, this crafty man of the people has adapted himself into the role of a whole new kind of gatekeeper. And now, with a partnership with Nike Global on a range of cricket jerseys for the IPL season, Kulavoor is all set to go mainstream.

Abhishek Lodha can help. Pradyot has lectured at Harvard, edits The Northeast Today magazine, opened an English-medium school in Meghalaya, fancies himself a photographer, and can boast of a drinking binge in Los Angeles with Axl Rose. Expect nothing less from the man who got Yash Raj Films on board as his first client when he had little experience.

For those of you who made it through Dhoom 3, you know what an achievement that is. The offending, off-menu request — warm brownies with vanilla ice cream — is just the sort of food the Culinary Institute of America graduate despises. His is not a passion born out of social consciousness, though, but from an understanding of how soil can affect taste.


So when three-Michelin-starred French chef and gastronomical legend Alain Passard dined at one of his kitchens a few years ago while contemplating opening a vegetarian restaurant in Mumbai, he was served local beetroot cooked on cowdung cakes, a carpaccio of tindli in three degrees of ripeness and raw jackfruit biryani. Passard, apparently blown away, never opened that restaurant.

By creating alternative music within the larger universe of commercial cinema, Trivedi has created a genre for himself — something not many have succeeded at.

And his credits are only growing. Also, being experimental and new-agey is how a Bollywood music producer lands a headlining gig at hipster central: NH7 Weekender.

It took till and the launch of Ananda in the Himalayas for Indian entrepreneurs to realize that they could market spirituality and luxury together, without compromising either. And so, long after The Beatles meditated in Rishikesh and then told the world about it, India was back on the radar for wellness tourism. Each has a dedicated centre headed by a qualified specialist, with the Sowa Rigpa therapists certified by the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute in Dharamsala set up by the Dalai Lama.

With Vana, Singh has raised the bar high — and set his peers a challenge.

That puts me in the best position. His next project, however, is a first. But not many know about the man responsible for much of it.

When Sukhija chose the crumbling bylanes back in for his serial restaurant launches, it was a sleepy enclave with a smattering of art galleries and fashion boutiques. His restaurants are usually partnerships where he puts in about 10 per cent of the investment but takes at least 50 per cent of the equity.

But with ideas like a dining space with theatrical shows like The Box in London, his network of fat cat partners are willing to come to the table on his terms. India head Manu Jain, who cofounded Jabong, was the brainchild of the operation, focusing on selling low-cost models exclusively on the internet, with no advertising costs.

He helped shift the selling of phones away from physical stores — eliminating interaction with illinformed sales staff — and moved it online, where the playing field was level and prices competitive.

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And in India, the multibillion-dollar brand is looking to invest in startups. Calm and polite, he smiles patiently while talking heads around him switch between condescension and yelling. Chadha laughs nervously. He prefers to be in the thick of the action in a bid to get results.

And you can pretty much thank one guy for all of that: Munbir Chawla. He had natural talent, the kind only the best possess, but was infuriatingly inconsistent in his display of it. Since the turn of the year, however, Sharma has made himself indispensable to the Indian team and his standout performance in the IPL has made a strong case for why he should take over when Dhoni decides to hang up his gloves.

The Mumbai Indians skipper claims that added responsibility has helped him perform better — a wonderfully rare trait in cricket. Pretty much a no-dullard policy at Harvard Business School. Executive Director, Arvind Ltd Age: 29 Born in: Ahmedabad The selection of international menswear on the Indian high street is middling compared to fashion hubs across the world. He would know. Negotiations subsequently took place between the Gallery, the Australian and the Indian Governments. The Indian and Australian Governments became more involved in the dispute over ownership of the statue.

In response to the March return request from the Indian Government, the Gallery voluntarily removed the Dancing Shiva from public display.

Legal Issues Deaccession — Due diligence — Criminal offence theft — Illicit exportation — Ownership In , the Indian Government introduced the Antiquities Act, which established that after all items of antiquity are to be owned by the Indian State and are only to be exported with exhibition licenses.

In fact, Kapoor is currently on trial before Indian courts, accused of the looting and the illicit trafficking of Indian art. Criminal liability has not been attributed to the Gallery.

However, according to Felch, no museum or collector has filed a similar suit because it would possibly expose claimants to investigations into their due diligence and prior knowledge of the items being looted — regardless of the fact that dealers had provided standard warranties guaranteeing good title to the objects.

In total, objects have been traced to galleries and museums.

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The overwhelming influence Kapoor had in the art world, and the contacts that he used, are under continued police investigation. Blame has been pointed in all directions, for the looting and trafficking of art.At its best, his playing was so casual, uid, and lyrical that it sounds like he was using a different instrument, as though everyone else who tried their luck before had failed, and he was the rst who could really use it.

Just Checking Youre not afraid of a little pattern, are you? In , Kapoor was arrested and news spread of his illicit activity. And those are just his commercial projects. Ten years ago, Godrej Properties was a relatively small enterprise. The color is unexpected, the lightweight linen means you keep your cool, and the texture makes people take a second look and a photo.

While few mortal men could pull off a cheetah-print suit, he looks like a freaky rock n roll shaman.

All-Weather Weekends Sure, you can carry an umbrella in your backpack. But he was already fast and creative, with an arsenal of feints and pivots and bursts, so unlike the rough, defensive approach of the Europeans.

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