Category: Paranormal by John | Sep 2, | Paranormal, Romance | 0 |. Together with his by John | Aug 2, | Horror Fiction, Paranormal, PDF | 0 |. PDF | Speculations about paranormal phenomena and how they might be reconciled with modern Book · May with 6, Reads. Demon Lovers: Embracing the Monster in Paranormal Romance I'm not going to be as terrifying as I should be for Halloween—I'm a timid soul, and a romantic at.

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The following books and articles are listing by the authors last name. You will note that there is a free PDF copy of all library material. There is also a link to. study the paranormal display at least a healthy degree of skepticism themselves. Some of this is . book Chinese Ghosts and ESP: A Study of Paranormal Be-. Featured Paranormal Romance Book. See All Paranormal Romance Books · Life Blood – Cora's Choice Book 1 by V. M. Black.

Experience the magic of Highlanders and Bear Shifters in this riveting series, along with a delicious time travel twist to get your heart racing. Born in the USA: Love Across the Multiverse by Kimberley Cooper. Take an infinite number of Earths. Mix in a man trying to stop him. Result — two universes, two men, one woman and a baby. And a cat. Pride of Africa by Tori Knightwood. Colin Kemboi is a bored playboy—and a lion shifter. Paranormal Romance.

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Download from site. Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. Sometimes it comes back to tempt you.

When a shy librarian summons a sexy Incubus, love gets a whole lot hotter! A vampire must overcome his centuries-old disdain for witches to save the woman he loves. Catriogwyn Stacey has been around for two hundred thirteen years and has seen a lot in that time. Jessica Winters is out enjoying her daily nature walk when she stumbles upon that dark secret. Love the freebies?

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Speculative Fiction. Flammarion, Camille Wikipedia. Death and its Mystery Before Death: Proofs of the Existence of the Soul Death and its Mystery At the Moment of Death: Death and its Mystery After Death: Mysterious Psychic Forces: Spiritism and Psychology Fort, Charles Hoy Wikipedia.

The Book of the Damned Three Books by Charles Fort: New Lands; Lo!

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Fournier d'Albe, Edmund Edward Wikipedia. New Light on Immortality Fowler, Samuel Page Salem Witchcraft: Comprising More Wonders of the Invisible World Francis, John Reynolds d. Gems of Thought from Leading Intellectual Lights The Challenge of the War: Can Science Answer the Riddle of the Grave? Psychic Phenomena, Science and Immortality Funk, Isaac Kaufman Wikipedia. Garland, Hamlin Wikipedia. Science vs. Modern Spiritualism: Gibier, Paul Wikipedia.

Analysis of Things Existing Gilman, Lawrence Wikipedia. The Case of Patience Worth Godwin, William Wikipedia. Lives of the Necromancers Grasset, Joseph Wikipedia. The Marvels Beyond Science: Gregory, William Wikipedia. Animal Magnetism: Or, Mesmerism and its Phenomena Grumbine, Jesse Charles Fremont Its Science and Law of Unfoldment Gurney, Edmund Wikipedia.

Paranormal Study Library

Myers and Frank Podmore] The Psychic and Psychism Harris, John William ? Inferences from Haunted Houses and Haunted Men Harris, Dean William Richard Essays in Occultism, Spiritism, and Demonology Heindel, Max Wikipedia.

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception: Or Christian Occult Science The Rosicrucian Mysteries: The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers Hellenbach, Lazar Baron von Birth and Death as a Change of Form of Perception: Or, The Dual Nature of Man Heredia de, Carlos Maria Spiritism and Common Sense Hibbert, Samuel Wikipedia.

Sketches of the Philosophy of Apparitions: Hill, John Arthur Wikipedia. Man is a Spirit: New Evidences in Psychical Research: Results Psychical Investigations: Some Personally Observed Proofs of Survival Psychical Miscellanea: Its History, Phenomena and Doctrine Holt, Henry Wikipedia. On the Cosmic Relations, Vol. Home, D. Incidents in My Life, Second Edition Incidents in My Life Second Series Lights and Shadows of Spiritualism Houdini, Harry Wikipedia.

The Miracle Mongers and Their Methods: Hovey, William Alfred Mind-Reading and Beyond Hubbard, Henry Seward ? Hude, Anna Wikipedia.

The Evidence for Communication with the Dead Hudson, Thomson Jay Wikipedia. The Evolution of the Souls and Other Essays The Law of Psychic Phenomena: A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life Hutchinson, Horace Gordon Wikipedia.

Dreams and Their Meanings: Hyslop, James Hervey Wikipedia. Borderland of Psychical Research Contact with the Other World: The Latest Evidence as to Communication with the Dead Enigmas of Psychical Research Life After Death: Problems of the Future Life and its Nature Psychical Research and Survival Psychical Research and the Resurrection Science and a Future Life Fragments of Truth [with Isabella Ingalese] The History and Power of the Mind James, William Wikipedia.

Collected Essays and Reviews The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature The Will to Believe: And Other Essays in Popular Philosophy Jastrow, Joseph Wikipedia.

Fact and Fable in Psychology Johnson, Franklin Joire, Paul Martial Joseph Wikipedia. Psychical and Supernormal Phenomena: Their Observation and Experimentaion Experimental Spiritism: Spiritualist Philosophy: The Spirits' Book. Containing the Principles of Spiritist Doctrine Practical Occultism Psychic Control Through Self-Knowledge The Life of the Soul Thoughts on Things Psychic Kilner, Walter John Wikipedia. The Human Atmosphere: King, John Sumpter Dawn of the Awakened Mind Psychical Research for the Plain Man Lang, Andrew Wikipedia.

Cock Lane and Common Sense The Book of Dreams and Ghosts Historical Mysteries Leadbeater, Charles Webster Wikipedia. A Textbook of Theosophy Occult Chemistry: Sinnett] The Astral Plane: Legge, James Wikipedia. Leo, Alan Wikipedia. Astrology for All: The Life and Work of Alan Leo: Theosophist - Astrologer - Mason [by Bessie Leo] The Progressed Horoscope Lodge, Oliver J.

Raymond, Or Life and Death: Raymond Revised: The Survival of Man: A Study in Unrecognized Human Faculty Maeterlinck, Maurice Wikipedia. Mahan, Asa Wikipedia. Martin, Alfred Wilhelm Psychic Tendencies of To-day: Mason, Rufus Osgood Wikipedia. Telepathy and the Subliminal Self: Mather, Cotton Wikipedia.

The Wonders of the Invisible World: Maudsley, Henry Wikipedia. Natural Causes and Supernatural Seemings Maxwell, Joseph Metapsychical Phenomena: Methods and Observations Mayo, Herbert Wikipedia. McCabe, Joseph Wikipedia. Is Spiritualism Based on Fraud?: The Evidence Given by A. Doyle and Others Drastically Examined Murphy, Gardner Wikipedia. Challenge of Psychical Research: A Primer of Parapsychology Murray, Margaret Alice Wikipedia. The Witch-Cult in Western Europe: A Study in Anthropology Myers, Frederic William Henry Wikipedia.

Myers, Gustavus Wikipedia. Beyond the Borderline of Life Nichols, Thomas Low A Biography of the Brothers Davenport: Page, Charles Grafton Wikipedia. Spirit-Rappings and Table-Tippings Exposed Paine, Albert Ware Podmore, Frank Wikipedia. Apparitions and Thought Transference: An Examination of the Evidence for Telepathy Mesmerism and Christian Science: A Short History of Mental Healing A History and a Criticism, Vol. Studies in Psychical Research Telepathic Hallucinations: The New View of Ghosts The Naturalisation of the Supernatural The Newer Spiritualism Potter, La Forest The Psychology of Health and Happiness Randall, John Herman The New Light on Immortality: Or, the Significance of Psychic Research Raue, Charles Godlove Wikipedia.

Reichenbach, Karl Freiherr von Wikipedia. Odic-Magnetic Letters An Explanation of Psychic Phenomena: The More Excellent Way Rhine, J. Frontier Science of the Mind Richardson, John Emmett The Spirit of the Work What I Saw at Cassadaga Lake, Addendum to a Review in of the Seybert Commissioners' Report Rider, Fremont Wikipedia.

Are the Dead Alive?: Both Sides of the Veil: A Personal Experience Past and Present with Mrs Piper Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer Wikipedia.

The Trial of Mrs. Duncan A Discussion on the Automatic Powers of the Brain: Being a Defence Against Rev. Philosophy of Mysterious Agents, Human and Mundane: Or, the Dynamic Laws and Relations of Man.

Piper and the Society for Psychical Research Salverte, Eusebe The Occult Sciences: Sargent, Epes Wikipedia. Planchette; Or, the Despair of Science: Savage, Minot Judson Wikipedia.

Can Telepathy Explain?: Results of Psychical Research Life Beyond Death: Facts and Theories Schmeidler, Gertrude Raffel ESP and Personality Patterns Schrenck-Notzing, Albert von Wikipedia. Phenomena of Materialisation: A Contribution to the Investigation of Mediumistic Teleplastics How to Speak with the Dead: A Practical Handbook Scot, Reginald ? The Discoverie of Witchcraft reprint.

Seybert Commission Wikipedia.

Book of the Psychic Society: The Immortal Spark: Or, Life Beyond Life Silberer, Herbert Wikipedia.Can Science Answer the Riddle of the Grave?

Rhine, J. At the same time, it desenti- mentalises romantic fiction, revealing the darker aspects of eroticism and even hu- manity as a whole.

There are those around gender. For the emer- gence of the novel and its relationship to Romance, see J.

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